We are loud and proud Sun Life policyholders! Get your own armor now and be ready for the battle! Destressing... Life is Brigther under the Sun 🌞! Protection is a manifestation of Love. We need protection as we navigate life's uncharted waters. We need to stay afloat, well and alive to overcome challenges. Learning and Winning are synonymous we can only do both if we are planning ahead and preparing our next strategy. Papa and Babie Babie's First #ariel #arya #babies #1year and #3monthsold #swimmingpool #skinnydipping #passicity #philippines🇵🇭 #sunlifeunitmanager #sunlifeadvisor #insurance #insuranceagent #globalfinancialadvisor #mdrt Be a Sun Life financial advisor now and relinquish your self of new ways to make your life significant and let Filipinos shine even more brighter. If GOD is with us who can be against us? To GOD be the glory. I am just HIS instrument. Happily serving you😇🙏. To plan your bright future message me @ my IG - michsomenoise fb - Michael Angelo P. Porcal


Golden Aspen! My Manifesto For Resilient Working & Living! Grit-is the mental toughness and passion that propels me toward achieving my short and long term dreams and goals. It is the key to my ability to remain focused, steadfast,optimistic and self motivated. Grit does not rely on exceptional courage or talent , but rather the willingness to make sacrifices when needed and to consistently work hard really hard in the pursuit of my vision for the future and the future of my clients/clients to be. Shine Camp! Boosting Credibility and Confidence the Sun Life Way -A Financial Planner Accreditation Program Doing my best to serve you excellently the bright way! The Sun Life way! I'm now accepting invitation for financial talks/smart money management. More than excited to give you financial education. See you soon! #pioneer #pilot #sunlife #riseph #certified #speaker #globalfinancialadvisor #associatefinancialplanner Thank you LORD for Your blessings! Thank you for chosing me to be one of the deligates BM Jo/BM Cion😊. Thank you team Sun Life! Speakers! BMs Jo&Cion, Fellow Advisors for making it possible!


Sipping good while discussing the potential to implement and facilitate workforce development for small businesses & youth entrepreneurs #BlackWallStreet #GlobalFinancialAdvisor #FutureVentureCapitalist #BawseLiving


This is the office of an entrepreneur Business in Nashville Lunch in Harlem Dinner in Punta Cuna We just getting started! You're going wish you listen too me.......ThanksPG #BlackWallStreet #GlobalFinancialAdvisor #FutureVentureCapitalist #RekindledDreams #Levels